No, not a misspelling, my resolutions have “a’s” because they have attitude. Well we’ve done it. We’ve come to the end of a year and started up another one and, if you’re like me, in addition to bringing out my more worn-in jeans (read: roomy waistline), you’ve also made some resalations. While thinkin’ on mine I realized that I am not setting myself up for success and it’s day 3, people.

So it goes like this, the most immediate of my resalations starts January 13th: I want to participate in a “Bodacious Bod” competition AKCF is hosting. The biggest concern about completing the challenge is it’s somewhat strict nutrition element-strict compared to the amount of Sees Candies I have been eating as my main form of sustenance over the holidays. The challenge calls for no processed foods, sugar, proc

essed carbs, or alcohol. Basically it’s all that clean livin’ you’ve been hearing about. I can eat anything I want during the challenge I just earn points for the choices: 0=perfect score. And you know me, I have been known to slip into thinking perfection actually exists.

I’ve already started following the nutrition guidelines to prepare but what I’ve noticed as I’ve been getting ready is that I’ve already started giving myself outs for when the contest starts. Things like “well, I don’t have to tell them everything I put in my mouth” WHAT? I find this so cray. It hasn’t even started and I’m already cheating: not recording accurately is totally a cheat.

This made me realize I am expecting to fail at this challenge and that I may be setting unrealistic expectations, like a perfect score. Noticing what’s goin’ on in this adorable little noggin’ of mine is the first step to getting me where I want to be

with this thing. It’s made me sit down and really think about what I’m hoping to accomplish and the results I’m looking for. So after taking some time noodlin’ that, writing about it in my journal, then creating a song about it to be accompanied by an acoustic guitar,I realized that I haven’t set up a road map to get me where I want to be. I’ve just told myself “I’m going to eat totally paleo fo 6 weeks.” Well, hell. That sounds pretty intimidating and like relying on sheer willpower-instead of say, a plan.

With that in mind I’ve chosen to detail how I’m going to approach this challenge:

  • I’m going to eat paleo/follow the guidelines of the challenge by planning my week’s meals -including lunches.
  • Shopping on Sundays and cooking staples Sunday evenings.
  • Start collecting recipes & identifying 4 different make ahead breakfast options to set myself up for success.
  • Solicit the support of my boo by asking her to attend the info session with me so she has a full idea of the guidelines I’m following.

Maybe it’s the bullet points but this is feeling a lot more doable.

So, friends I ask you not what’s your resalation, but how are you going to do it?

Source: Decatur – Nutrition


Do this 1 thing and you’ll lose weight

Keep a friggin food journal. Real talk y’all I can show you study after study with proof that recording your food brings awareness and reduces mindless, bored eating and makes you choose better foods. It’s not hard to record your food, it’s annoying at first but it quickly becomes a habit. Accept recording your food as part of your responsibility to your health. Accept that it’s part of it and move on.

Another way to lose inches through yo’ stomach? Take control of your carb in take. Eating carbs is important to your energy and overall body function. Carbs can also be a place where people over eat, choose carbs that are less nutritionally dense and are wasted calories. Read this article for some good basic information about carbs. While choosing your carbs think about nutritional density. What will do more for your body sweet potatoes or white potatoes? Breads and potatoes aren’t the only carbs out there. Eating vegetables and fruits are also a good source of carbohydrates as well. Start thinking about and paying attention to the types of foods you’re choosing to fuel your body (another good reason to keep your food journal )

Source: Decatur – Nutrition


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