Do this 1 thing and you’ll lose weight

Keep a friggin food journal. Real talk y’all I can show you study after study with proof that recording your food brings awareness and reduces mindless, bored eating and makes you choose better foods. It’s not hard to record your food, it’s annoying at first but it quickly becomes a habit. Accept recording your food as part of your responsibility to your health. Accept that it’s part of it and move on.

Another way to lose inches through yo’ stomach? Take control of your carb in take. Eating carbs is important to your energy and overall body function. Carbs can also be a place where people over eat, choose carbs that are less nutritionally dense and are wasted calories. Read this article for some good basic information about carbs. While choosing your carbs think about nutritional density. What will do more for your body sweet potatoes or white potatoes? Breads and potatoes aren’t the only carbs out there. Eating vegetables and fruits are also a good source of carbohydrates as well. Start thinking about and paying attention to the types of foods you’re choosing to fuel your body (another good reason to keep your food journal )

Source: Decatur – Nutrition


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