Throw out your goals & get on board with the 1%

Ok, not really just kind of and not that 1%. What I’d like to suggest is instead of putting all your emphasis on your BIG HUGE GOAL (BHG) focus your daily energy on just improving a little.
Over the years (ahem, I’m older then I look) I have had campers who come wanting to achieve some pretty big things-and they do-but sometimes they overlook the all the small wins that get them to the finish line because they’re too focused on that 1 BHG. Or worse they spend energy beating themselves up having not done more each day because their steps to achievement weren’t big enough. Stop.that.noise. BHGs take time to get to. They are almost never achieved in 1 month or sometimes even 2 and that leaves a lot of time open to your interpretation of what not having gotten there yet “means.” Meaning, a lot of “sigh, I’m not there yet, I haven’t made my BHG. This feels pointless. I’m never getting there an I’m not good enough.” 1. Punch that mind talk in the throat you don’t have time, won’t tolerate it and 2.You’re not counting any of your small improvements-you know the things that are going to get you to the BHG.
Everything builds on everything else (I know, this is a brilliant point you’ve never thought of) and it ends with achieving the BHG. You have to make the little steps-the seconds off mile times, the healthier meal choice that one lunch, the 1/2 an inch smaller waist line, the 1 more push up-to fit into the smaller pants, or blow out your push up goal, or get strong enough to pick up the bag of dog food. A BHG is the top of the pyramid, but it rests on a whole lotta small every day improvements.
Focus on getting just wee bit-1%-better, just a little better every time you workout, or every food choice think about the foundational blocks to the pyramid instead of thinking how will you ever get to the top. Is your area a mess now? ‘Cause I just dropped a knowledge bomb y’all. Casualties: negative voices and bull$hit.

Source: Decatur – Tips