These things will change your life.

Really. No REALLY I’m going to tell you about some of the most awesome things you’ve ever heard of. I promise I’m not overselling. Below are my faves. These are the things that if we ran into each other at a party or anywhere I would HAVE to tell you about.

Dude, figuring out what to eat has gotten so much easier because of….

and include the shopping list. Everything we’ve had has been delicious and the stir-fry sauce is amazeballs. Oh and cajun tilapia with cilantro butter? Please and thank you. They’ve also got an app so you’ll always have your shopping list. Could it get any easier? You’re right, it could.

You could completely skip the cooking part and hit up PreMade Paleo. They make healthy, delicious, meals that they cook, shrink wrap and freeze. You throw them in boiling water and then eat that crazy good for you & you didn’t have to do nothin’ goodness. I also love that they have a New Family Pack. It’s made for people who just had a babe but why not order it if you know you’ve got a deadline coming up and are going to be stressed? I recommend everyone getting some sort of meal pack from these guys to throw in their freezer for those times when you didn’t plan and are tired and just want to eat not prepare.

Check out my booty in these . . .

Lululemon capris. Not the see through ones. Or maybe the see through ones if you’re doing some “indoor workouts.” Whoah! I digress, the wunder under crops are are expensive but they’re also awesome. Every time I admire someone else’s tuckus they are 9 times out of 10 wearing these. They feel great and wear really well. I’ve had mine for 3 years and you’d think they’re brand new.

And since we’re on the subject of apparel I have to tell you about Sweaty Bands. They’re headbands that stay in place, are totes cute and won’t give you a headache. My favorite one is the one with the OBC logo all over it. Obvy. They have loads of styles and widths. Especially as someone who wears a uniform regularly I love to use these to add some more color and personality. Riiiiight, cause I need more personality.

Oh and you won’t see me at camp without my Balega socks and Asics sneakers. I’ve been wearing the same asics shoe model for 7 years. I was fitted and haven’t looked back. And those balega hidden comfort socks rock my world. They NEVER do that annoying, distracting and infuriating slipping off the heel and working its way off your foot. Oh and blisters don’t exist in these things.

Argh! I need some extra motivation to move . . .

My fitbit. This thing is about the size of your thumb and tells you your steps, estimated calories burned, floors climbed and mileage. It also comes with a little wrist wrap that you use at night to track how restless or sound your sleep is. I started using a fitbit when I was trying to get a more accurate picture of my activity level. It

syncs with myfitnesspal which is a nice feature. My favorite part? When I’m near my laptop it automatically syncs and the fitbit dashboard. When I’ve used food logging apps and sites I don’t feel motivated or positive. There’s a lot of red text. The fitbit dashboard is awesome. It’s very visually pleasing and when I’ve reached my goals each circle that holds my goal number turns into a smiley face and a speech bubble comes out that says “hooray!” This motivates me and makes me happy. I’ll work for those happy hoorays. And I’ve completely personified it because of the little greetings it displays.

You need to feel better and stay healthy….

Operation Boot Camp. Obvious, I know but it’s true. When we take those weeks off I am gruuuuummmmpy. I need the early morning routine, the high fives and endorphins from running around with all my favorite people. I never liked running. I’m still not in love with it. I’m in love with how convenient it is. That I get to do it outside. I love the connection it creates between me and bod. Operation Boot Camp gave that to me.

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