Staying on Track on Vacation

Ah Spring Break. I hear that it still exists but as someone without children and out of school I don’t get to participate in it anymore. BUT there is an occasion that I go on vacation and it’s slightly different than my college sun soaked week long relationships with the Captain, ahhh Captain you treated me so right then so wrong but, I digress. Since you’re likely a grown up that is interested in being healthy and keeping up your hard earned fitness level while on vacation, here are a few tips that I put into practice while on my slightly tamer vacations of late:

1. Pack your workout stuff-I pack tanks with built in sports bras so I can pack less. The Westin even has a gear lending program that will save you the room of your running shoes too. Get some versa loops for easily packed equipment to keep up your strength.

2. Look up a place that you can stay that will support being active on vacay. Maybe somewhere that has a bike path or bike rentals, snorkeling, walking tours and the like.

3. Check out tours or ways to explore that are active-in Asheville we took a bike tour that may or may not have ended and started at a brewery.

4. Be a local and make a run through a park be part of your stay. I love getting up and running through the surrounding area to get an idea of the layout and feel like it’s “mine.”

5. Visit other programs. Is there an activity you like that has an affiliate or location there? Look it up before and plan when you’re going to do it. A rock climbing gym? A CrossFit? A Beach Boot Camp? A 5k?

6. And OF COURSE take a pic of you planking and share it on our facebook page so we can add it to our “planks seen ’round the world” album. You might be thinking but it’s vacation. Well, you’re a grown up and the first rule of boot camp is no whining plus you know and I know that you’ll feel better if you’ve been active.

Source: Decatur – Tips