Something stinks-time to clean out the fridge

I know you’re busy. I also know you want to eat healthy but opening your fridge and seeing nothing makes you head straight to the zifty menu online. Work smarter not harder darlin’ and keep your fridge stocked with the items below and make your life easier and your bee-hind smaller.

Top shelf -Trade out whole milk, sugared juice drinks and soda for low-fat milk, whole fruit and flavored sparkling waters.

Next two shelves – Exchange full-fat yogurt for low or nonfat yogurt; regular cottage cheese for fat-free cottage cheese;
and sugary snacks for fruit. Add egg substitute, Morning Star Farms sausage patty’s and Thomas Low Fat Whole Grain
English muffins … and you’ve got the fixings for a healthy, gourmet breakfast.
Deli drawer -Replace full-fat cheeses with low-fat string cheese, low-fat feta, or Laughing Cow low-fat Swiss Cheese;
and standard lunchmeats with lean turkey, ham and roast beef and reduced fat turkey pepperoni.
Produce bins -Stuff them with the freshest fruits and vegetables of the season, including grapes, melons, peaches and
berries to satisfy your sweet tooth. Add veggie sticks (celery, carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers) and pre-mixed salads.
Refrigerator door – Stock up with a variety of flavor enhancers such as German, Dijon and Maui onion mustards, capers,
roasted bell peppers, fruit-and tomato-based salsas, fruit spreads,
balsamic and honey mustard dressings.
Freezer – Fill it with frozen fruit bars(100% real fruit), mixed frozen vegetables (Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Fiesta
combinations), and frozen whole fruits to use in smoothies. Toss out hamburger meat, ribs and frozen pizza to make room
for individually wrapped fish filets, chicken breast, shrimp and lean ground turkey

Make your snacks easily accessible and the first thing you see so you’ll eat that first!

What’s something you’ve always got on hand in the fridge? Tell me!

Source: Decatur – Food