Refrigerator Raider

1. Almond butter! I get it fresh ground from the Farmer’s Market. There’s also some sunflower seed butter that I usually use for THIS recipe. They’re also some raw nuts and seeds. I always keep mine refrigerated.

2. Portioned out fruit salad for tomorrow’s lunch!

3. I make 2 casseroles a week that we eat for lunches and sometimes dinners. This week it’s an enchilada casserole with bison the second is one I could eat every day. I mean, it calls for an entire package of bacon, need I say more?

4. Chicken salad. Light on the mayo, salt and pepper, golden raisins and curry. You’re also seeing a little bit of leftover Brussels sprouts.

5. Defrosting salmon. When you eat casserole for lunch you’re not always keen for it for dinner. Fish is so easy and fast that it’s a regular meal at our place. This is a recipe I’ve made for salmon (switched out sugar for some cinnamon) and we love an almond meal encrusted tilapia. Sides? Usually shaved Brussels or broccoli.

6. The 3rd casserole is always something for breakfast. This week it was spicy turkey with onion and egg just cooked in a glass pie pan. The other most popular at the Gilbert-Ross is THIS one with sweet potato.

7. I make a green salad every week. Arugula or kale. For the kale I make a dressing that is equal parts olive oil, red wine vinegar, & honey. Then some salt & pepper. Whisk it together then dress the salad making sure it’s well covered & let the salad rest for at least 20 min. I add blueberries & avocado. THIS is also a great one with red cabbage I’ve made.

8. Hard boiled eggs. They’re already peeled and great for snacks and a quick protein boost. I put them in cold water and get it to a rolling active boil then turn off the burner and let them sit and continue to cook-from cold to sitting about 15 min. Then after about 10 min I put them in a bath of ice water and start peeling.

9. Fruit salad. I make it on Sundays and spoon it out for lunches. This one is grapes, strawberries, blueberries & some peaches.

Now a peek in my drawers. . . .

1. Carrot chips are always in here. Love to use them for dips/guacamole. Veggie sides also live in here. Grilled asparagus is always a winner.

2. In here? Fuji apples-I typically eat 2 a day.

3. In here is mostly bacon. Usually, I’ve already used the bison, ground chicken/turkey & chicken breasts in the above recipes. Melissa also gets some grass fed beef that she makes sliders for an additional lunch option. I ALWAYS make my chicken breasts in the crock pot. I throw it in there, cover with water and put it on low for 8 hours. BUT I usually take it out early after checking with meat the thermometer.

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Source: Decatur – Food