Paying your enemies if you don’t go to camp

Like everyone, there are days when you just don’t want to do the stuff you have to. Whether it’s cleaning your house, filing your taxes or getting your butt out of bed and into the car for camp. Luckily, I have some real life strategies to help keep you on track when you really don’t wanna.

1. Pay your enemies. So, I have employed this one myself in year’s past. Basically you choose an organization you are morally against and you make a deal with yourself that any day you don’t go to camp you’ll donate X amount to their cause. This works best if you REALLY can’t stand them because then the dollar amount doesn’t even matter-you’d definitely go workout before giving even 1 penny to them. I had a camper do this with his college’s rival booster team. No camp? He had to donate $10 to Alabama football.

2. Competition. This can be a version of an accountability partner. Get a friend or two to enter into a competition with you. Everyone can put money into the pot, or you can create an awesome trophy that whoever has the best attendance wins.

3. Find that photo. Do you have a picture of yourself that got you back into working out? One that you saw and 1. untagged yourself and 2. thought “I have got to do something.” Get that one out and put it by your alarm clock or just burn it into your memory. When you don’t want to go to camp think about how you felt when you first saw it and how proud you’ll be of the hard work you’re putting into feeling better.

4. Imaginary friends. I use this when I’m in a workout and just don’t feel like giving it anymore but really know I could push harder. I think of someone I want to be a good example for. It’s usually a child in my life or boot campers. I think of them on the sidelines cheering me on and watching me and it always puts me back in it.

5. Scavenger Hunt. This is for those who just need help getting out of bed. Set yourself up a little scavenger hunt around your place: put your alarm clock in your shoes somewhere that is far enough to have to get up.

6. Technology! If you’re a chronic “snoozer” you’re going to need to use one of these apps. Alarmy (Sleep if you can!) will not turn off until you have taken a photo of a predetermined object in your house-like your coffee pot. And Step Out of Bed has you set a certain amount of steps you have to take before it will turn off. I’d also recommend -if you are sleepin’ solo-setting a timer on a light in your bedroom that goes on 5 min before your alarm-makes the room far less appealing.

For anyone in camp I also recommend making your goals public. Public to your circle of friends or family or in a bigger way on Facebook etc. Let people know what you’re trying to accomplish to enlist their support and get yourself some extra accountability since you know if you stand us up you’re getting an email. We can’t help ourselves, we love you that much.

Source: Decatur – Tips