Pantry Raid Time!

Did you have to do a dbl take on that one? Were you already having Animal House flashbacks? Me too. As promised in last week’s Refrigerator Raider post we take a few steps over to my and MMG’s cabinet to check out what we consider must-have healthy eating set up for success make it easy as possible to make what we eat items.

1. Ah yes, the humble sweet potato. We love you as a side with shaved brussels, sliced as coins with lots of spices, shredded at the bottom of a breakfast casserole and really any other way they come. Also in here, onions (used in almost everything-I like to put a few in the food processor to have ready to throw into anything and everything). And of COURSE garlic. As much as possible as frequently as possible.

2. Sea Salt. Really good salt minimally processed.

3. Balsamic vinegar, olive oil & red wine vinegar. Put a few of these together with salt, pepper (not pictured but very necessary) and some honey and you’ve got a delicious salad dressing.

4. Dates. These are chopped, which just saves a step for such things like homemade lara bars, chocolate paleo balls and paleo turtles. Not pictured is the 100% Dark Chocolate Ghiradelli bar I like to have on hand for these same recipes.

5. Coconut oil. I use this for high heat cooking in place of canola oil.

6. Coconut milk. You HAVE to read the ingredients! This one has nothin’ but coconut extract and water. I use this to make things creamy and in place of milk in baking.

7. Salsa! Again, watch what’s on the ingredient list. After all, the nutrition label and ingredient list is like the side of a medicine bottle, it’s telling you what it is going to do to your body!

8. Plantain Chips. We love these. These are flavored with garlic and salt and are from Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market and are crazy good. I bring these to Mexican restaurants to eat instead of corn chips.

9. Spices, spices, spices. I’ve got a lot of them and use ‘um up!

10. This is a homemade taco seasoning I made and use every time something calls for a little Latin flavor. ¡olé!

11. Honey. Let’s be clear, this is sugar. Don’t kid yourself. Use it sparingly and ideally it will be local.

12. Coffee. Needs no explanation, right?

Source: Decatur – Food