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When you really think about nutrition and diet it can be very simple. I mean, if you aren’t an actual human that has a food history that sometimes involves eating for reasons that are not hunger/fuel related (boredom, stress, celebration, depression etc.) it’s simple. You eat stuff you recognize and comes from the ground and not a lab and you eat when your body tells you you need to and you honor and respect that and never eat any more or less. Well, in case you and your hunger/eating habits are less black and white than that let me help you with a way to keep yourself in check. Portions. If you are able to keep around what you’re supposed to need for your body it will facilitate you knowing if you’re actually hungry or if you’re just upset about the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Look at your hand. Your beautiful hand with those 4 fingers and a thumb -I feel like it’s worth giving the thumb it’s own place being that it distinguishes us from other mammals. So look at your palm, you know the area that’s the main event for all those amazing high fives you’ve been throwing at camp-that is the size your protein should be. Your chicken, your bison, your fish, your pork whateva beasts you eat the right portion is your palm.

Next up, fist pumping. Make a fist like you’re at a Journey concert singing every lyric to Don’t Stop Believin’ that’s your carb portion. If losing inches is a part of your goals you may want to take that down to half a fist. That includes fruit, sweet potatoes, rice etc.

But what about all that creamy or balsamic goodness that is salad dressing? Let’ go on back to thumbkin and take a long hard look and be sure to do the “who’s got two thumbs and a love of olive oil? this girl!” joke. Your thumb is about 2 TBS and the perfect size for oils, and dressings.

Finally, take your hands palm up and put them together like you’re going to scoop up water – now fill that up with veggies. That’s right, put a bunch of leafy greens and cherry tomatoes up in there. Eat it all and enjoy every vitamin, anti-inflammatory filled bite of it.

Try it for a day-eat the portions as prescribed by your hand and see where you’re at. Were you hungry, satisfied? Were you eating more than that previously? Holla in the comments below and let me know!

Source: Decatur – Food


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