Lazy McBabyson

I have a confession to make. My mind is a big baby and totally lazy. And though I’m realizing I’m going to start sounding a little multiple personalityish here, I

Meet Lazy McBabyson

think there’s a couple of voices in there. Here’s the scenario: I’m running by myself and voice one aka Lazy McBabyson says “UGH (pouting stance) I haaaayyyyttteee this. How much longer do I have to go?! How long has it been? Let’s start negotiating the distance/time I said I was going to go.” Clearly, not the most helpful of people to have in there. But wait, there’s more. Numero dos comes in on the party all calm and therapeutic like with a “ok, is it really so bad? how are your feet, are they ok? what about your legs-are your knees ok? can you breathe? alright? yes? then what are you complaining about?”

The practice of checking in on my body really brings my awareness to the current moment (living in the present is something I’m working on) and usually makes me realize that I’m just complaining for the sake of it-not because anything is actually wrong in fact, usually I’m just uncomfortable. And if you don’t know it by now, babies, working out is uncomfortable.

Checking in and questioning my scripts (did you know you’re often working from a script you wrote for yourself years ago) also comes in handy when I’m putting off a call or a project I need to do. Lazy McBabyson’s middle name is Drama and seems to be there to give me lists of what could go wrong, how long something is going to take or how difficult it is going to be. Basically, don’t believe everything you think. The first step in gaining any greater sense of awareness is being able to question and notice what’s going on. So, come along on this living in the moment trek with me and see if you can catch and question your internal dialogue. Do you believe what you’re telling yourself? Is it even true? Things are about to get real, y’all.

What should voice #2′s name be?

Source: Decatur – Tips