How Your Mind Can Earn a Varsity Letter

What is the athletic mind? Well, if you’re thinking one that can do sudoku and play chess at the same time go back to nerd camp because I’m talking about something else. The athletic mind describes how you respond to injury or physical setbacks. If you work out often you are going to eventually have to deal with some sort of injury. Strains, minor sprains and pulls are not unusual for active people. When setbacks do happen do you say “I’m just not meant to work out” or “I’ve never been athletic, I guess I’m still not” because my friends is bollocks. The athletic mind says “well, I need to rest and ice and then I’ll be back at it.” or “I’ll need to figure out a way to move that doesn’t aggravate this, maybe something no impact?”

The athletic mind is no quitter. It keeps chugging like a frat boy at the front of the keg line. The athletic mind adapts and knows there has to be another way. It’s malleable and willing to get into the pool if it can’t run. Willing to get on the bike or take a week off but not give up. That doesn’t meant the athletic mind is an idiot that will keep on plugging away even when their doctor (by the way did I mention I’m NOT one?) says they need a break. It does what it needs to do to get back out there.

What’s amazing about this mindset is that it extends way past being physically active. Your athletic mind exudes confidence and says “I can do that” or “This isn’t the way I thought it would work out but I can figure something new for this.” Just like with a physical setback you take a beat, and figure out a new way to attack. It goes for the promotion, asks the crush out and high fives itself when they say “yes.”

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Source: Decatur – Tips