How to do a squat

If you have been dying to improve your twerking skills OR just want to learn how to “sweep the floor with it” you’ll need to have a good squat and y”all know I love a squat. Like, a lot. It’s so important that you’re doing them RIGHT! See the video below of me and Iron Man Instructor Raph Franze instructing you how to do a squat as well as how to correct some common errors.

as an aside, I like that this freeze frame looks like I’m grabbin’ Raph!
Set yo self up for success:

  • Stance is shoulder width.
  • Neutral Spine
  • Head is Neutral, Gaze forward
  • Toes slightly turned out – room for the hips to drop down

Points of Performance:

1. Lumbar Curve. This is where you have that tramp stamp I mentioned. This should be engaged (flexed) for the duration of the movement.

2. Weight in Heels. If you have challenges doing this do the wall trick towards the end of the video.

3. Below Parallel at the bottom of the squat.

4. Knees Track Over the Toes throughout the entire movement..

5. Line of Action- how you move; butt goes back first (pop it like you’re twerkin’) chest is up-raising the arms helps you do this.

Source: Decatur – Tips