hot & heavy: steamy details of our courtship

if you don’t feel like this post workout, you’re probably not doing it right.

When I first started dating my wife she told me she worked out. As we got to know each other and I felt confident that I wasn’t going to be dissed and dismissed I kindly let her know that no, she wasn’t working out. Was I/am I just a workout snob who only lurves Operation Boot Camp? Kind of but, that’s not the point of this story. My darling wife was able to read scientific research journals while “working out” on the treadmill. This leads me to my point: perceived level of exertion. What the heck? Settle down there, son, I’ll tell ya. Perceived level of exertion is a way to determine your level of intensity while working out. Why care? Because you’re spending your time working out probably because you want to be healthier, and get into your hot jeans. After all, jean season is comin’ y’all. It’s right after bikini season and it’s called FALL and there’s no avoiding it.

So, to make sure you are working out at an intensity level that is worth your time and will get you into your jeans/help you reach your goals check out the scale below.

5-cannot answer even in a grunt, cannot keep this pace for more than a few minutes

4-can grunt in response, not able to keep pace for long

3-can talk but in a breathless way “yeah -breath-I-breath-loved-The Notebook-breath-movie-breath-too!”

2-can talk and carry on a regular conversation

1-can sing

So, where should you be when you’re gettin’ your sweat on? Well, you should be in #3 and dabble in 4. A 5 is an all out cray cray sprint because you shoplifted and they comin’ for you through the parking lot. So check yo self next workout and make sure you’re getting the most out of the time you’re dedicating to working out!

Source: Decatur – Tips