Eating my bodyweight in protein.

I was an ovo-lacto pescatarian for about 7 years. But let’s not church it up, I ate dairy including eggs and pretty much anything from the sea. I went through a period that I was just grossed out by the thought of eating meat. My staying away from meat evolved into my objections about their treatment. I ate this way pretty happily and also felt and thought I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I attended a Crossfit Coach’s certification and met a former vegetarian who’s doctor, after a significant accident, told her she could either start eating meat again or would need a blood transfusion. This was a wake up call for what her body needed. When I heard that and her presentation on how one’s body processes animal proteins vs. other proteins I decided I at least needed to up my animal protein, ie fish for me. Before this I probably ate around 35 grams of animal protein a day. So I set a goal of 100 grams of animal protein a day. Holy shit. That’s the reaction most people would have. For perspective check out the following:
1 5 oz can of tuna 26 grams of protein
1 6 oz steak 36 grams of protein
1 large egg 4 grams of protein
So 100 is kind of a lot for a 165 lb lady. It took a conscious effort; believe me. I started eating salmon fillets on a salad for lunch, or an entire can of tuna, and something close to the same for dinner. It became about getting enough protein, enough nutrients; it became about fueling. It was a nice relationship with food. I feel like I was seeing it for what it is: fuel. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever eat just for pleasure-hello frozen yogurt!- but it removed a lot of emotions from eating that had been dragging me down.

I started this protein journey with some muscular definition. I have been doing boot camp for 6 years, I had some nice tone. After about 6 weeks my body composition became very different. I became very dense. My muscles felt more dense and strong. It as if before there was a layer on top and now it was pure beast. Yeeeaaahhhh. After seeing how important animal protein is in my body I started incorporating some meats from very specific places. Farms that were known for their animal centered raising practices. I still get 80% of my protein from seafood but now have a little more diversity in my protein sources. I urge you to do your own experiment. Try upping your animal protein intake and to really go into beast mode decrease you carb intake and get ready to take on the world, or at least your wedding.

Source: Decatur – Food