But I don’t wanna.


I’m sure you’ve done it because I have and since we’re besties it’s likely you’re like me. So in addition to singing ROAR at the top of your lungs-like me-you have probably also committed to do something you know is good for you and you just.aren’t.doing.it-you just.don’t.wanna.

I’ve been doing some personal growth work with More to Life which puts a large emphasis on the unconscious messages you’re telling yourself-their term is mind talk. I think of it as even deeper than

self talk-it’s trickier. It’s deeper; self talk is in there and you catch yourself doing it. Mind talk is what’s under the reason you’re even saying the first thing to yourself. Too deep for you? Take a break and look at THIS. Ok, glad you’re back. So, even though you rationally understand that statements like “if I’m not perfect people won’t love me” are not true there’s something in there telling you that or something like that (the perfection crap is one of mine. I mean even though I know rationally perfection doesn’t exist my deep hidden under the layers (maybe somewhere in the intestines-I mean those things are crazy long) self is still acting like it’s real.) How can I tell? Well, when someone points out a mistake I’ve made and I say “oh thanks” and then I’m moody and grumpy. This mood change assures me that there’s something I’m not acknowledging. Because who wouldn’t start feeling crappy about being told that people wouldn’t love you if you didn’t do it all right? Ain’t no one got time for that!

So back to the point about not doing something you know is good for you. I’ve begun to wonder if the stupid mind talk is what’s going on when I regularly do not do something that there seems to be no physical reason I’m not able to.

So sister from another mister/brother from another mother is there something you know that you’ve committed to doing just for you (yoga comes to mind for me . . .) and you’re skipping? Or letting other things be more important? Are you telling yourself “it doesn’t matter if I go or not, I’m always going to be unhealthy/overweight/slow/unathletic?” Or maybe something about not being as important as someone else and not wanting to inconvenience them? This week I invite you to go deeper than your self talk, get in there and find out what scripts your mind is telling you and ask yourself “is this absolutely true? or is it bollocks?” My experience is that it’s almost always false. Once you’ve recognized whether its T/F choose how you are going to behave or how you want to behave. You know you are worth working out/going to bed early or eating right. How do you demonstrate that to yourself? Do that. Exactly that-go Paul Simon on it and set yourself free.

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