Baby it’s cold outside + Magic Mike

winter boot camp-where the layers come off

But your need to eat ice cream, queso dip while suckin’ down margaritas doesn’t go into hibernation in winter and sister/brother, neither can

winter boot camp-where the layers come off

you. Whether you’re hittin’ the pavement with us at Operation Boot Camp or you’re working out with your family on the weekends you can’t let the cooler temps keep you from being active. It can be intimidating to work out in colder weather but the difference between getting out there and rockin’ it and getting out there and turning around is your gear. And frankly, layering. A lot of it is layering.

So, when it’s reallly cold, like 30-20 degrees I wear the following:

1. What yo’ mama calls “long underwear.” Bottom and top. Look for styles labeled “active” to make sure they’re moisture wicking.

2. Pants on top of your long underwear, a quarter zip long sleeve jacket on your top. These jackets are usually a little lighter weight and the quarter zip is nice if you need to cool down a little but the high neck is good for real chill chill days.

3. Jacket or fleece on top. Something that zips and is moisture resistant is ideal-the grass gets wet and then you get wet.

4. I HAVE to have something on my neck. And luckily, there’s a product made just for that. No, not a scarf. I mean obviously I could use a scarf but that is probably not moisture wicking and I’ll probably lose it. SO I wear a Buff. It serves the same purpose but I can’t lose it and it wicks my liquid awesome.

5. I use the buff to cover my ears but if you’re not into that you’ll probably want a fleece headband that covers your ears.

6. A hat. duh.

Now on to the extremities:

1. Good socks. In the summer you may like those low cut it looks like I’m not wearing any socks but in the winter go high school gym coach tall. We’re a fan of the smartwool brand socks. I personally put on a pair of my tall argyle socks (somewhat thin) and then my regular running socks.

2. Gloves. You have to have ‘um. My all time favorite are Seal Skinz. They are the most waterproof gloves I’ve found. When it’s not quite Seal Skinz cold I go with a convertible glove. They are mittens or gloves and I like to start as mittens then when I warm up it’s gloves! That’s 2 for 1 ya’ll!

Make sure your layers are moisture wicking. It’s a real thing, people and without it you are going to be soaked in sweat and that shit gets cold.

If you’re nervous about what to wear a great resource is this What Should I Wear Weather Calculator . Check it out until you get the hang of it. Remember if you’re at a comfortable temp outside BEFORE your workout, shed your top layer. You did too good a job and you’re going to have to take it off anyway. Oh and as you’re taking it off please, for me, do a little Magic Mike swirl.

For even more ideas & links to buy online check out our Cold Weather Must Haves board on Pinterest.

Source: Decatur – Tips