Alone time in a family filled house

It’s the time of year that the stress of the holidays and the shifting of your schedules lends itself to not working out. Have no fear babies, JoJo is here! Quite a few years ago, I regularly posted weekend challenges on an Operation Boot Camp blog that you can find HERE. They are no equipment needed workouts that you can power through and there are enough that you can do one for every day of the holiday season. Fo’ free. Yup, reread it, friend I said free. And here’s a little tip from me to you: working out is a great way to get some alone time that family members 1. don’t usually want to participate in and 2. don’t argue for you to stay with them instead. It’s 3 gifts in one: exercise, stress release and alone time. You’re welcome America.

Other ideas for holiday themed workouts: Turkey Squats – hug that butterball to your chest and do some full squats. Cranberry curls – 14oz cans one in each hand and curl them up from hip height to your chest. I recommend you do that one in front of the mirror. Pick that turkey back up and get yourself into a row boat/v-sit position. Start with the turkey in the center then twist and touch it on the ground moving side to side. Agility – get all family members to lay down on the ground and proceed to hurtle/jump over them. 1-3 family members repeat 10 times, 4-10 repeat 8 times.

Source: Decatur – Tips